25 Online Tests to Check Up on Your Health

If you’ve got nothing better to do this holiday season, you can find out — for free — if you or your relatives are mentally unstable, if you have a case of anxiety or stress or if you drink too much alcohol or have an eating problem. While some of these tools seem to make light of serious problems, they offer insights into the person who provides the answers — but, only if that person is listening.

The following list is comprised of tests formulated by doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. While they are not intended to replace a trained medical expert, these tests can provide warning signs for those who walk on the edge of poor physical, mental and emotional health issues. The tests are categorized and listed alphabetically by name within each category.

Heart Health

  1. Blood Pressure Check: You might be surprised at how little you know about high blood pressure. Take this WebMD test first, then take the one immediately below:
  2. Blood Pressure Risk: Sponsored by the American Heart Association, this test can provide a learning experience for those who are unfamiliar with habits that may cause high blood pressure.
  3. Heart Attack Risk Assessment: The American Heart Association steps up again to offer another tool, this time for heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome.
  4. Heart Study Risks: The Framingham Heart Study is a project of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Boston University. Learn more about your risk for stroke, coronary heart disease and more.

Addiction Screening

  1. Alcohol Screening: Alcohol abuse or dependence affects one in thirteen American adults. Take this test to learn more about your drinking based upon your age, gender and habits. This test is a service of Join Together, a project of the Boston University School of Public Health, that is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  2. Alcoholism Screening: If you don’t like the test above, take this one as well. If both tests state you might have a problem, then you might want to listen.
  3. Phelps-Nourse Test: This test might scare anyone, but never fear…just because you tried nind-altering drugs once in the past does not mean you have an addictive personality. However, if you continue to use them or if you have relatives who are addicted to sugar, alcohol or drugs, then you might be wary.
  4. Substance Abuse Evaluation: Learn more about substance abuse, including coffee, tobacco and more. This site also provides links to learn more about drug abuse in adolescents, athletes and during pregnancy.

Weight and Nutrition

  1. BMI Calculators: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) offers an adult BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator as well as one for kids. They also provide widgets that you can add to your Web site.
  2. BMI Chart: This chart might help you visualize how much weight you need to lose (or gain) to reach a ‘normal’ body mass index.
  3. Eating Disorder: This screen can help you determine if you or loved ones might have Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.
  4. Nutrition Analysis Tool 2.0: Developed by Chris Hewes and Dr. Jim Painter at the University of Illinois, this tool takes your age and allows you to calculate a nutritional diet based upon that age. The site includes learning tools so you can adopt this tool for your new lifestyle.
  5. Nutrient Data Laboratory: Use this government-based tool to test the nutrients contained in the foods you eat.

Other Health Tools

  1. Grow Charts: The CDC also provides a set of growth chart tools that illustrate the distribution of selected body measurements in U.S. children. These tools contribute to forming an overall clinical impression for the child being measured.
  2. Health Priorities: You know you should exercise and eat right, but are these necessities a priority in your life? This is a fun test that you can share with your family.
  3. Life Expectancy Calculator: The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator uses the more current and carefully research medical and scientific data to estimate your hopes for a long life.
  4. Memory Test: The results may astound you, even if you concentrate. No fair writing down the answers!
  5. WebMD Chronic Pain Test: Learn more about the problems caused by chronic pain and learn what you can do about it for yourself or for a loved one.

Mental Health and Wellness

  1. Geriatric Depression Scale: Is grandma depressed? Find out by answering the questions on this test, written by Scott Moses, MD. When you’re at that test, look in the left column to find more tests on moods, sleep disorders and more.
  2. Great Ideas in Personality: Maintained by Dr. Scott Acton from the Rochester Institute of Technology Department of Psychology, this site deals with scientific research programs in personality psychology. Follow links to take tests and to learn more about various personality topics.
  3. Psychological Research on the Net: This link leads to a list of online psychological experiments. The list is updated, so the tests are current, allowing viewers to see the hottest items today’s psychological research. While these tests don’t provide answers to your questions, you are helping researchers with your answers. Additionally, it might prove difficult not to learn something about yourself along the way.
  4. Sanity Score: Sign up for a free account and savor the sanity (or insanity) in your life. This test was designed to help you determine what’s going on in your life, recognize issues and learn how to deal with problems one at a time. The sanity quiz was designed by Dr. John Grohol, the psychologist who created PsychCentral.
  5. Surveys and Psychological Tests: The BBC offers a list of some amazing tests, both serious and fun, that offer insights into how you feel about yourself and others.
  6. You Just Get Me: Rate your personality and view yourself through multicolored bubble results. The answers may amaze you, but only if you’re honest with the quiz.
  7. WebMD ADHD Score: Learn more about the symptoms and habits acquired with adult ADHD for yourself or for ADHD for your child. You can print the final report for your doctor.
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