7 Top iPhone Apps for Your Health

It is important to maintain good health; with the advancement of technology, it is now much easier to keep track of our health and fitness in terms of what we include in our diets and exercise. Below is a list of the top seven iPhone applications that can be of use in health and fitness.

  1. iFitness This downloadable application clearly demonstrates how to do particular exercises. Compared to reading the exercise instructions from a book, it proves to be much more effective. The application has the ability to generate photos for the instruction of over 130 exercises loaded into the application. This application acts like your own personal trainer as it has exercises for specific training needs. The instructions are clear and simple to follow for the particular exercises.
  2. Healthy Cubby Lite Social Fitness This application assists you in setting realistic fitness goals that you are likely to meet in your weight loss training program. The application comprises of weekly and long-term goals for your strength training, cardio exercises, and weight training. Having friends to boost your morale and determination to achieve your goals is helpful since this application also helps you to connect with at least seven friends to be your workout buddies. This helps you monitor each other’s progress and have fun in the process as well.
  3. Personal Best This is an application for those serious about their fitness program. This application enables you to record your best records on separate sets of exercises including running, weight training, among other forms of exercises.
  4. iMapMyRide The iMapMyRide is an iPhone application for bikers. The application lets you record and looks up on information concerning the paths that you took. You can get access to the maps of you bike rides which can generate useful information concerning areas in which you need to improve.  There is an online version of this application that is accessible through the iPhone and it can prove to be worthy in your biking training.
  5. Nutrition Complete This nutrition application lets you make a diet and nutritional plan in regards to your age and gender. The application goes further to give you nutritional information concerning the foods you are taking in. This application is unique because unlike other nutritional applications it has information from the largest USDA database.
  6. Restaurant Nutrition This application will help you keep healthy as you choose the different foods in your favorite restaurant. It provides you with nutritional information of the food menus. It will also provide you with an updated menu from local popular restaurants in your area. The minute a new savory delight is made available you become informed and you may head to the restaurant to devour.
  7. GoodFoodNearYou This is also an eating application that assists you in maintaining healthier eating habits. It informs you of the available healthy foods from the diners, grocery markets, convenience stores, supermarkets and fast food restaurants. All information concerning healthy foods from these places will be provided by the iPhone application.
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