Allied Health Degrees

Requirements for Earning an Allied Health Degree

Allied health is a broad term for many career fields that are related to medicine or provide support in the medical industry. Diagnostic medical sonographers certainly fall under this category, but because of the specific nature of a sonographer’s work, a degree in allied health alone won’t be enough to get you a job as a sonographer. A certification program or at least some additional training will be necessary as well.

Average Salary and Career Data

The healthcare industry is currently the largest in the United States, with the vast majority of the positions falling under the banner of allied health care – meaning they aren’t physicians or nurses. Diagnostic medical sonographers aren’t exactly part of the allied health profession, but they aren’t doctors either. They fall in the area between, where they require specific, technical training that is different from that of a medical assistant or other allied health worker. Diagnostic medical sonographers earn a median salary of $64,380, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job Duties of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonographers can perform some of the same duties as allied health workers such as medical assistants, given that they have the appropriate training. Daily duties for these hybrid positions will include taking sonograms and ultrasounds, delivering images to doctors and making patients comfortable in examination rooms. Supervisory duties may be assigned to more experienced sonographers with allied health skills.

Earn a Healthcare Service Degree Online

If you already have a job and don't have time for rigid class schedules, earning a degree online is the way to go. With the degree programs listed below, you can earn your health services degree by attending classes with flexible schedules. Although there aren't any specific sonography degrees online, a related health services degree is just what you need to jump start your career as an ultrasound tech.

Kaplan University — The Associate of Applied Science degree in medical assisting from Kaplan University is not a sonography program, but might make a good background for the field . It provides an entry-level education perfectly suited for those wishing to go into a career in diagnostic medical sonography. Students of this program will learn all the basic skills required of any medical assistant.
Herzing University — Herzing University has an associate's degree in medical assisting program, which is not the same thing as an ultrasound technologist program, but is very similar, that is focused on preparing students to become the next generation of healthcare leaders with knowledge of advanced medical technologies, such as health systems databases, songraphy equipment, and more.

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