Health Informatics Degrees

Requirements for Earning a Health Informatics Degree

Health informatics combines nicely with diagnostic medical sonography because medical facilities are always looking to save money, and someone who can perform a variety of tasks while on duty can offset the cost of hiring a new person for each task. Studying health informatics requires an understanding of computers, data storage and archiving, as well as digital security.

Average Salary and Career Data

One common career path for health informatics degree recipients is to become a medical and health service manager. These professionals are relied upon for planning and coordination of medical and health services at practices, hospitals, and other medical institutions. Such positions can expect – with bachelor’s degree and proper accreditation – median salaries of $84,270 annually, and job growth greater than 22 percent for the decade leading up to 2020 (

Job Duties of a Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health service managers will work closely with physicians and other medical personnel, working to improve both efficiency and quality of healthcare services offered. They are expected to understand contemporary legal and ethical guidelines for their staff and organization to follow, manage financial aspects of the organization, and work in a supervisory and administrative role, thus allowing medical professionals to do what they do best: practice medicine and improve the health of their patients. Someone with this degree and a background in diagnostic medical sonography might start out in a managerial role in a radiology unit, and take on more general management duties gradually. Many medical and health services managers work in hospitals, but positions may be available in physicians’ offices, nursing care facilities or outpatient care centers.

Earn a Healthcare Service Degree Online

If you already have a job and don't have time for rigid class schedules, earning a degree online is the way to go. With the degree programs listed below, you can earn your health services degree by attending classes with flexible schedules. Although there aren't any specific sonography degrees online, a related health services degree is just what you need to jump start your career as an ultrasound tech.

Kaplan University — The Associate of Applied Science degree in medical assisting from Kaplan University is not a sonography program, but might make a good background for the field . It provides an entry-level education perfectly suited for those wishing to go into a career in diagnostic medical sonography. Students of this program will learn all the basic skills required of any medical assistant.
Herzing University — Herzing University has an associate's degree in medical assisting program, which is not the same thing as an ultrasound technologist program, but is very similar, that is focused on preparing students to become the next generation of healthcare leaders with knowledge of advanced medical technologies, such as health systems databases, songraphy equipment, and more.

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