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Requirements for Earning a Healthcare Degree

The healthcare industry‚Äôs huge growth in recent years has been beneficial to the general welfare of the public, but has caused turmoil in the industry itself, because colleges just aren’t turning out enough qualified medical professionals to meet demand. Earning a degree in a healthcare related field is a solid investment that can help anyone secure employment and start a career in which they help sick people get better, which is its own reward. Diagnostic medical sonography is one of the healthcare fields that is growing the fastest, with an expected 44% jump in employment in the decade leading up to 2020, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Average Salary and Career Data

Job availability is on the rise in nearly every sector of the medical industry, but diagnostic imaging fields, such as radiography, sonography, and nuclear imaging, are showing some of the biggest growth numbers. Pay in these career paths is also well above the median income for all professions, with the median salary for diagnostic medical sonographers at $64,380 annually.

Job Duties of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Management skills are a marketable skill for anyone in the medical industry, including diagnostic medical sonographers. The daily duties of a diagnostic medical sonographer in a supervisory or managerial position would include taking ultrasounds or using other imaging machinery, as well as scheduling other workers and possibly record-keeping responsibilities, payroll, and other paperwork. Getting a health management degree in tandem with a certification in diagnostic medical sonography can be a good career move.

Earn a Healthcare Service Degree Online

If you already have a job and don't have time for rigid class schedules, earning a degree online is the way to go. With the degree programs listed below, you can earn your health services degree by attending classes with flexible schedules. Although there aren't any specific sonography degrees online, a related health services degree is just what you need to jump start your career as an ultrasound tech.

Kaplan University — The Associate of Applied Science degree in medical assisting from Kaplan University is not a sonography program, but might make a good background for the field . It provides an entry-level education perfectly suited for those wishing to go into a career in diagnostic medical sonography. Students of this program will learn all the basic skills required of any medical assistant.
Herzing University — Herzing University has an associate's degree in medical assisting program, which is not the same thing as an ultrasound technologist program, but is very similar, that is focused on preparing students to become the next generation of healthcare leaders with knowledge of advanced medical technologies, such as health systems databases, songraphy equipment, and more.

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